Chorizo Chasers

Homemade Chimichurri Jar


If you have not tasted it already here is the breakdown. Parsley, garlic, red peppers, salt, oil, and dried herbs that is it – no cilantro, no coriander, no chilli and no it is not a cousin of Pesto.

So, what does it taste like…? Well, it will definitely leave an imprint on your palate. Expect a grassy texture from the finely chopped fresh parsley which also gives it a refreshing taste. Then comes the zippiness from the garlic and a gentle background of my personal herbs that will have you licking it off your plate!

For all you chilli lovers, yes we do make a spicy version but not so spicy that you forget what you’re eating.

Finally, what can you use it on, well in short everything! As it does not contain any ingredients that you will not be able to pronounce nor any sneaky preservatives disguised as numbers –  it is truly a healthy sauce. Prepped from start to finish in house by hand by us.

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Whatever your marinating, dipping, grilling, wrapping or even spreading it will work!
This jar of flavour is just waiting to dance a salsa on your beef, chicken, fish and even vegetables!