Chorizo Chasers

Franchise Opportunities


CHORIZO CHASERS is Australia’s first and only South American street food franchise!

Latinos are renowned for their passion for life, and hospitality, so we are looking for entrepreneurs such as yourselves to get your own Latin Love Affair started!

Why Us?

Having been Franchisees ourselves we have walked in your shoes. We know the questions you need answered because we had them too. We understand the importance of getting to know you because we are the foundation of each other success.


So lets meet.

Laura and Victor -- Owners of Chorizo Chasers

The Steps

STEP 1: INITIAL INQUIRY -> Fill out the form below with your contact details so we can arrange a time to talk.

STEP 2: LETS MEET IN PERSON -> This is your opportunity to ask any questions without obligation.  We will also discuss your goals and the reasons behind your interest in our brand.  It is important to establish if we are a good fit for each other.

STEP 3: APPLICATION FORM -> Now that we have met in person we can move forward with an application form to collect more specific information.

STEP 4: DISCOVERY DAY -> You will have an opportunity to visit one of our stores, meet the team and gain a real feel for the behind the scenes operations.

STEP 5: LEGALS -> Congratulations on finalising the legal process – making you an official CHASER

STEP 6: TRAINING -> The training begins. We take a hands on approach to your training so you can learn onsite at your own speed with an experienced team. Our Spanish lessons are complimentary!

STEP 7: GRAND OPENING -> Time to enjoy your very own Latin Love Affair.

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